Safeguarding your people and property

Our training staff are experienced, not only in fire and emergency response procedures, but also in communicating that knowledge to those they train through their programs such as Confined Space, Fire Safety, Fire Extinguisher, Emergency Response training and more.

Safeguard Training & Services  will help you conform to the Australian Standard (AS 3745-2010).Planning for emergencies in facilities and procedures for building, structures and workplaces

Assist property owners and managers to meet their wider legal (and moral) obligations to provide a safe and appropriate procedure to contend with emergencies.

Ensure that all occupants of the building are able to deal with an emergency once an alarm is raised, in a way that reduces risk and protects lives while minimising costs.

Be far more comprehensive than just a training activity.

The service constitutes three significant stages which are spaced throughout the year to minimise disruption and to allow for the consolidation of knowledge by training participants.  These include choosing and training a competent warden team, conducting evacuation training and practice evacuations, and also additional fire safety, fire extinguisher and emergency response training.